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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wow! Its a few days later than I wanted it to be but here I am now. I want to keep the habit of posting here but its been difficult this last little while. Some of you know that I just had surgery and I am getting up and around more each day. I am taking the time needed to regain my strength and then I plan to go hard at it working on my nephew's wedding invitations. I feel the push is on now to get them coordinated and begin an assembly line towards our end result and our deadline date of April 1st. I am excited to get the ball rolling here. When I begin to get working on these invites there will be more and more posted to my blog as I share what I am doing and the products I am using. I am feeling better day by day and look forward to next week. We are going to have fun with all 175 invites. WEEEEEeeee!!