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Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Shadowbox Layout

Heritage Layout using multiple tools and layered paper elements

Heritage Layout designed with a Shadowbox frame in mind

Heritage Layout now in the Shadowbox

Hello Blogging Friends...

As promised on the last post, I said I would post this Shadowbox layout next to show you all the sample we will use, as well as a couple of other layouts, when a group of us get together to design a layout this weekend at the Fall Flurry Crop in Walford with OC Scrapbookers.  The activity is call Bring It-Make It-Take It and it will be set up cover part of the day so that participants can work with several tools and techniques to explore how to design and layer up paper and embellishments to complete a dimensional layout ideal for framing with a Shadowbox.  These types of layouts are excellent for gift giving.  As the holiday season rolls around, think of all the themes one can choose from to make a dimensional layout for a Shadowbox featuring one or two pictures.  Of course, the sky is the limit!  The activity that I have planned for Saturday at the workshop will focus on 6 participants so that we keep it intimate enough to be able to focus on questions and be comfortable enough to work with the Cricuts and die cutting machines. 
I plan to spend time, answering questions and providing my experience in various methods and techniques.  We will be playing with various tools, experimenting with different techniques and methods that participants may have always wondered about and have wanted to try.  Anyone who is attending the weekend in Walford and want to join us, you must register with Deb at OC Scrapbookers to get a seat. The first 6 to register will get a spot as space is limited to 6 participants.
This picture has my Grandfather and Grandmother in it with my Great Grandmother and two of my Aunts when they were children.  This picture was taken in 1938.  I am looking at a few heritage pictures  from both my side of the family and my husband's side.  They are fun layouts to design and I'm looking forward to this weekend's group as we put our head's together and design an awesome layout.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A ShadowBox Layout for Maddy!

A Shadowbox Layout for Madison Lynn
Our new and very first Great Niece!

Hello Blogging Friends

I have missed being able to post to my blog.  Phew! .. I've been so busy the whole month of September, all while starting back to work.  Things have slowed up a bit here now and I have time to post some exciting projects that I have been working on over the last month and a half.  This delicate, oh so girly layout was designed lovingly for my great niece who was on her way as I was working on it.  I planned to celebrate with family at the baby shower and was thinking what could I pour my loving energy into that would be more of a keepsake than just a card and that would have much more exposure?  I immediately thought of a layout that could be placed in a collectable case that could be hung on a wall and be seen by one and all.   So I began thinking about the elements that I thought would go oh so nicely on this wee little girly's layout-- the elements that are so Madison Lynn.  As I said, she wasn't even here yet... but into my head popped visions of fairies and flowers and butterflies!!  I saw the delicate doilies cut and lots of pearls and in shades of cream and the palest of pinks.  Yes, I was tapping into the essence of that new little girl!  She has now arrived and I am excited to say that she is early and very small but is okay and gaining strength last I heard.  She arrived earlier than expected and tired but all there!!  Bravo Madison, Auntie looks forward to seeing you soon....

Just a word to let my friends know who'll be attending the Fall Flurry crop with Deb at OC Scrapbookers in Walford next weekend.. I'll be working on a Bring It- MakeIt- Take It activity on Saturday at the crop.  I'll be working with a group of participants on a Heritage Shadowbox layout.  For more information, email Deb @ OC Scrapbookers to see how to sign up for the event.  She will have a flyer to share with you that has more details on this shadowbox layout opportunity...
I will be back with more projects very soon, likely tomorrow...k