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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A ShadowBox Layout for Maddy!

A Shadowbox Layout for Madison Lynn
Our new and very first Great Niece!

Hello Blogging Friends

I have missed being able to post to my blog.  Phew! .. I've been so busy the whole month of September, all while starting back to work.  Things have slowed up a bit here now and I have time to post some exciting projects that I have been working on over the last month and a half.  This delicate, oh so girly layout was designed lovingly for my great niece who was on her way as I was working on it.  I planned to celebrate with family at the baby shower and was thinking what could I pour my loving energy into that would be more of a keepsake than just a card and that would have much more exposure?  I immediately thought of a layout that could be placed in a collectable case that could be hung on a wall and be seen by one and all.   So I began thinking about the elements that I thought would go oh so nicely on this wee little girly's layout-- the elements that are so Madison Lynn.  As I said, she wasn't even here yet... but into my head popped visions of fairies and flowers and butterflies!!  I saw the delicate doilies cut and lots of pearls and in shades of cream and the palest of pinks.  Yes, I was tapping into the essence of that new little girl!  She has now arrived and I am excited to say that she is early and very small but is okay and gaining strength last I heard.  She arrived earlier than expected and tired but all there!!  Bravo Madison, Auntie looks forward to seeing you soon....

Just a word to let my friends know who'll be attending the Fall Flurry crop with Deb at OC Scrapbookers in Walford next weekend.. I'll be working on a Bring It- MakeIt- Take It activity on Saturday at the crop.  I'll be working with a group of participants on a Heritage Shadowbox layout.  For more information, email Deb @ OC Scrapbookers to see how to sign up for the event.  She will have a flyer to share with you that has more details on this shadowbox layout opportunity...
I will be back with more projects very soon, likely tomorrow...k