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Friday, February 25, 2011

One More One Page Layout - A Heritage Theme!

One more post tonight!  I have a few layouts lined up for you all to see...  This one is another one-page layout that may be a good one to use if you have pictures of Grandparents you want to remember or maybe a favourite Great Aunt and Uncle, or family members who came to Canada from another country perhaps.  Back in the old days we know that the picture quality was not the same as it is today.  Pictures were smaller and often only came in black and white.  We can have them scanned and re-manipulated though and possibly made into a sepia color, which for me enhances the "old age" part of the heritage theme.  This is an older layout of mine that I fashioned with no particular pictures in mind however, I can think of many older pics that I have that would go so well in these 3"x4" oval spots.  I used a font from one of my Cricut cartridges to cut the letters for my title.  As well, I used Spellbinders dies -- Oval and Scallop Oval nestabilities for the picture mats.  I stamped a swirl design stamp in the corner and put in a fushion of colored flowers and clear rhinestones to add some sparkle to it.
Let me know what you think of these layouts... feel free to email me and ask any questions you may have.  Please leave comments to let me know if you want more of the same...   Two more new posts below... Thank you in advance for viewing and commenting...   more soon...k 

A Great Pet Layout!

Hello Again My Friends

I am posting a couple of one page layouts for you tonight along with the bookmarks.  This is a great pet layout that I did to show off my wonderful Granddog whose name is Oscar.. you know, the Mayer weiner brand of dogs..  haha 
All kidding aside, Oscar is a wonderful little guy who is my grandson Jacob's best friend.  I wanted to show you all this layout to give some of you who may have wondered... how do I use those patterned papers out there that you see that have writing all over them and so much pattern?  I have plans to show you all how to scrapbook using these types of papers and some of the stickers and embellishments that you see that would be so cute on a page.  The picture I selected for this busy pattern paper is a 6"x8" photo, slightly trimmed down a little for a bit of a smaller size.  You can see the BOWWOW on the side, which makes a great title so I don't have to here.  At the top I put "Lil' O" in sticker letters, which is the nickname that I have for him and it personalizes the layout for me.  Under the picture are a series of dog phrases patterned right into the paper scheme and they do so much to enhance the theme for you.  I added a few sticker embellishments like the dog foot print, the dog with a bone, the bone and dish -- all things that are Oscar's favourite things...  I used a fabric sticker "Family" to show that he is very much a part of the family!  Last but not least, I used a little wooden sign that I had to put more doggy phrases onto the layout in a more 3 dimensional way.  I do tend to overdo the embellishments but I did want to emphasize our love for roly poly weiner dogs who go by the name of OSCAR!!  hehe

More BookMarks, Some for the Boys this time

Hello Everyone
Its great to get back on and post a couple more pictures of the bookmarks I made for the students I am working with this year.  Here are a couple that I fashioned with some of the boys I had in mind.  I have to say that some of the boys were very surprised and excited to recieve these bookmarks and some have come to me to express their joy and let me know that they are using them at home during their reading time.  Of course it warms my heart that this gift is so appreciated by 8 and 9 year olds.
I used the cricut machine quite a bit on some of these bookmarks.  I used some spellbinders dies too on quite a few of them as well.  I fashioned a tractor from Boys Will Be Boys Cricut cartridge for the John Deere bookmarks.  I used Everyday Paper Dolls Cricut cartridge for the Cowboy hats on the cowboy themed bookmarks.  I have of course, reams of stickers for all themes that I have stashed away, especially themes that relate to children and children's activities.  I used up a fraction of what I have so making these large assembly type projects are no problem for me, they just take time.  Anyways, I had fun...