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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Great Pet Layout!

Hello Again My Friends

I am posting a couple of one page layouts for you tonight along with the bookmarks.  This is a great pet layout that I did to show off my wonderful Granddog whose name is Oscar.. you know, the Mayer weiner brand of dogs..  haha 
All kidding aside, Oscar is a wonderful little guy who is my grandson Jacob's best friend.  I wanted to show you all this layout to give some of you who may have wondered... how do I use those patterned papers out there that you see that have writing all over them and so much pattern?  I have plans to show you all how to scrapbook using these types of papers and some of the stickers and embellishments that you see that would be so cute on a page.  The picture I selected for this busy pattern paper is a 6"x8" photo, slightly trimmed down a little for a bit of a smaller size.  You can see the BOWWOW on the side, which makes a great title so I don't have to here.  At the top I put "Lil' O" in sticker letters, which is the nickname that I have for him and it personalizes the layout for me.  Under the picture are a series of dog phrases patterned right into the paper scheme and they do so much to enhance the theme for you.  I added a few sticker embellishments like the dog foot print, the dog with a bone, the bone and dish -- all things that are Oscar's favourite things...  I used a fabric sticker "Family" to show that he is very much a part of the family!  Last but not least, I used a little wooden sign that I had to put more doggy phrases onto the layout in a more 3 dimensional way.  I do tend to overdo the embellishments but I did want to emphasize our love for roly poly weiner dogs who go by the name of OSCAR!!  hehe

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  1. I really love this layout!!! Your layouts are awesome. TFS