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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Drum Roll Please!!! Say Hello to the Doily Die!

They are absolutely to DIE for!! These awesome dies are simply amazing and let me try to do them justice as I describe them and show them to you here on this post and consecutive posts to come all this week... Pls. watch the videos that I have loaded up for you below to see how they are cut and so that you can begin to become comfortable with them.

You know, I wasn't completely sure that I liked doilies when they began to appear on cards and layouts last Christmas. I liked them on some of the work I saw but didn't care for them on other projects. I think it was that they were for the most part first, manufactered using flimsy/thin paper, and second there seemed an absence of vibrancy in color and texture for me coming mostly in white with some silver ones (didn't wow me). Then I discovered the Doily Dies made by Cheery Lynn and ordered a few to try --- Well... you can bet that I am now a collector of Cheery Lynn Dies in all of their formats. Over time I will collect them and Deb, over at OC Scrapbookers  is going to carry the designs beginning with an AWESOME preorder starting today. Okay... where do I begin?? I'm so excited to show you these dies. Lets try to get this video loaded so you can view them and see how to cut them as he demonstates.

Keep in mind, and let me clarify that some of the videos talk about fussing with cutting the dies by running them through your die cutting machine over and over, turning them around. This is an older video and well, if you are knowledgable and used to the die cutting machine that you use, you know that you only need to play with the shims enough to get a clean run through the first time. A little playing at the beginning to get the right fit of shim(s) may be needed but then you will get the hang of it for the particular die cutting machine you are currenty using. I've had a Cuttlebug for diecutting and embossing for years now but recently I acquired first a Vagabond (electric) diecutting machine for major projects (that means manufacturing for me) such as when I have orders for multiple cards like christmas cards or invitations for events. Then, I discovered the beauty of the Grand Calibur with its 81/2"x11" base plate size and how I can cut multiple dies in one run through which of course is perfect for my fondness of layering diecuts on projects.  So now, I use (almost exclusively) the Grand Calibur for many of my diecutting needs. I still love my Cuttlebug and will not part with it as I use it for workshops, (if interested, OC Scrapbookers has the best price on the Grand Calibur in Canada, check it out)  but I just love being able to do several diecuts at once on the Grand Calibur. The GC totally sold me on these doily dies because with only one run through, for cutting and embossing with the recommended metal shim, these exquisitely intricate dies cut like butter and every piercing and raised embossed image comes out crisp showing the deep complexity of each die. The thicker the paper you use, the more stunning and deeply etched is the finished result!! I am going to show you the diecuts by themselves to illustrate their beauty and then I'll show you them on a finished project.

French Pastry Doily Die

Here are the three Cheery Lynn Dies that I ordered to try out.  You will find my projects this week feature these 3 doily dies in my art in various ways.  I had fun today just cutting and cutting and getting used to them.  From time to time I put a die through more than once and mostly because I was loading too much on at once.

Italian Flourish Doily Die

English Tea Party Die

I had fun too cutting them out with various cardstock including glitter cardstock and various colors of foil cardstock, seeking that dimension and texture that I was looking for.  See how this one looks somewhat like a snowflake..  Well, you can imagine what I will want to do with that one come Winter...  I will post my own pictures of the various cuts I made today and then I'll top it off by posting a project to show another wonderful group of products!!
Stay tuned for the next post featuring my own pics and a project I did today with the doilies.  I'll be adding more on what I am doing with these beauties so that you can take advantage of my learning.  Feel free to email me and ask any questions  or comment on what you think so far.  I am interested in what you think...  So, go on over to OC Scrapbookers to see the preorder special price that Deb has put on in to celebrate the Cheery Lynn products.  Look for more very soon, maybe even later on tonight or early tomorrow morning...  later friends!