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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Adding some more and learning as I go..

Good morning everyone
I am away visiting my favourite grandson and checking emails. I thought I would post something and learn a little more about creating a blog. I am reading up on various gadgets to add to make the page interesting and there is sooo much to learn. I will eventually learn to customize my page art but for now it is shaping up not too bad. I have added one of my favourite online stores and you will notice by the two blinkies I have added. If you click on them it will open up to the online store where you can see all new possibilities. Stamping and Scrapping is an amazing online store with great values and sales and the shipping is one of the fairest coming in from the US. But, let me say the customer service is the most amazing and I am sure one of the greatest reasons that she does a wonderful business! Cindy (Kev and the gang too) is and are the best online business crew that I know. They make your shopping experience very personal. Thanks for being who you are and bringing the small mom and pop shops back into the 21st century!
Anyways, I am having fun with this endeavor so far and intend to keep it going ... more to say real soon...

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