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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I now have a slide show of some of my work....

Wow... that was a little excercise in patience and perserverance! My brother came over today and thank goodness for his patience and his techy background. We got a slideshow posted, I should say, he got a slideshow posted for me but painstakenly tried to keep me in the loop as he was doing it. Anyways, this is a small compilation of my earlier work. I have yet to get my camera and take out more of my work to showcase. At this moment in time, I am happy with what I've got and there will be more to put on later.

I am looking forward to the New Year and what it will hold for me. I have some great ideas that I would like to manifest in my arts and craft work. I am in the habit of taking on a bit of an "old" world flavour to my art as I like the distressed look -the worn, shabby chic look. I love textures and fabrics and I imagine the "feel" of a card with dimension and texture upon it. I like bling - the bejewelled look~ using rich ribbon, either soft and velvety, or stiff, sharp or crisp and glittery. I like using rich paper that has a sheen and weight to it and I like to layer and mat with substantial weights of card stock. For the bases of my cards, I like to use again a substantial wieght of paper and build up from there. Each card must have a good balance of weight and "feel" regal. I continue to learn from others whom I consider masters.....
I am going to sign off for tonight and hopefully when I email y'all, you will come and visit me here and sign up as a member and leave a comment for me!!!

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